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As nowadays it’s an era of specialized doctors for every branch ,same is applicable for dentistry also. Before going for any dental treatment we must know what are different branches of dentistry & which dental treatment comes under them.

Let’s Know about different branches and treatment   provided  by respective branches of dentistry by this article : (only clinical  branches are included). So, the first branch is,
1)    Prosthodontia : It’s specialists are known as  “Prosthodontist”  This branch    deals with placing the “ARTIFICIAL TEETH ”  in patient’s  mouth (fixed or removable.) this may be
i) Teeth   removed from the jaw
ii)  Congenitally (from birth)   absent teeth
iii) Full   mouth dentures, fixed or removable PARTIAL dentures
iv)  IMPLANTS (Titanium screw which acts as tooth root)
v) Part of the jaw removed during accidental injury or cancer treatment

2)    Endodontia  or  Conservavtive  Dentistry  : It’s specialists are known as  “endodontist” It  mainly  deals  with  “SAVING THE TOOTH”  Like  Root  canal  Treatment  (RCT) ,  different   restorations   like cements  sliver  filling  and  latest  tooth   colored  light  cure   composite resin for  “CARIOUS  TEETH” .

RCT  is  generally   done  when  the  innermost  layer  of  tooth   known  as  “pulp”  is  infected  or  injured  by  carriers   trauma  to  tooth  or  any
other   reason. In this   treatment ,  infected  pulp   is  removed   and   artificial  material   is   placed  in  the  roots   of  teeth .  And tooth   is   saved.

3)    Periodontia: It’s specialists are known as  “Periodontist” . It  mainly  deals  with  “Gums  Diseases”  Like  Pyorrhea,   Plaque  and   calculus  deposits assured  tooth  leads  to   damage  to  gums  and  bone  supporting  the  tooth  and  causing  PUS  discharge   in  it ,  The treatment for  this  is  “FLAP   SURGERY”  In  flap  surgery ,  gums  surrounding  the  tooth   is  opened   and   all  the   calculus  and   damaged   tissues  are  removed   and  cleaned   and  is   packed.   Which results  in  production   of  healthy   tissues , bone  &  gums   which   increases   life  of  teeth.   During    this surgery if required bone powder is   also   filled   in   places    where    bone loss is more.   That process    is known   as   “Bone Grafting”.

4)    Oral Surgery:It’s specialists are known as  Oral  & Maxillofacial Surgeon.  It deals  with  :
       i)  Extraction  of  impacted    teeth   (Wisdom tooth)
      ii)  Fracture of jaw.
     iii)  Surgeries   for   cysts and tumours of jaw bones

5)    Orthodontia :  It’s specialists  are known  as  “orthodontist” .  It deals  with   aligning  misaligned  teeth . we  see   clips   in   many  kids  of   12 – 15  years  age.  That is done by orthodontists .Best  results   are   achieved   if  that  treatment   is started   around   12-13   years   of age .
6)    Pedodontia: It’s specialists are known as  “Pedodontist” . It  mainly  deals  with   treatment   of   child’s   teeth.   We  generally   believe  that   1st  dentition   (milk  teeth  or  primary  definition ) in  kids  has   no importance   but  It’s wrong.  It  plays  major  role  in  child’s  appearance,  speech  chewing  ,  growth   of  the  jaws  and  proper     alignment  of  forthcoming     permanent  Teeth .   A pedodontist   knows  how to treat   a  child  properly     and  how   to  deal  with   fearful  child.

7)    Oral Diagnosis and Radiology:  It’s  specialists  are known  as “Stomatologist” .  It  mainly  deals   with  diagnosing   and   taking  
X-rays of  different  diseases   of   teeth   and  jaws.  like oral  cancers ,  cysts  and  few  skin  diseases.
             Hope   this article  has   increased  our  knowledge   about  different  branches   of  dentistry .  “ oral cavity  is  the  reflection  of  our  body.”  We generally  think ,  we should  rush  to  dentist  only  when  our  tooth  ache  and harass  us  but visiting  a  dentist   every  6  months   for  check-up  always  our  forthcoming   dental   problems   with  proper    treatment  plan.
      Most  of  the  dental disease  does  not   cure  with   mere  medications  it  requires    proper  dental  treatment ;  and  laziness   in reaching   to  dentist   invites  complications.
       To gain painless proper treatment  we must visit  various  dental  specialists  For that  in the   modern  dental    clinic  you can get different  treatments  by   respecting  specialists  under  one roof.   As in  “RUPARELIYA  DENTAL  CLINIC”  where you can  get all the  treatments  by  Prosthodontist ,   Orthodontist ,  Oral Surgeon, Pedodontist,   Periodontist and Endodontist  under one  roof.


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