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Ruparelia Dental Clinic 101/102 Cross Road Complex,
Opposite DKV College,
Near Aram Hotel,
Pandit Nehru Marg,
Jamnagar - 361008




“RUPARELIYA DENTAL CLINIC” where you can get all the treatments by Prosthodontist , Orthodontist , Oral Surgeon, Pedodontist, Periodontist and Endodontist under one roof.

As nowadays it’s an era of specialized doctors for every branch ,same is applicable for dentistry also. Before going for any dental treatment we must know what are different branches of dentistry & which dental treatment comes under them.

Let’s Know about different branches and treatment   provided  by respective branches of dentistry by this article : (only clinical  branches are included). So, the first branch is, 1)Prosthodontia : It’s specialists are known as  “Prosthodontist”  This branch    deals with placing the “ARTIFICIAL TEETH ”  in patient’s  mouth (fixed or removable.) this may be i) Teeth   removed from the jaw ii)  Congenitally (from birth)   absent teeth iii) Full   mouth dentures, fixed or removable PARTIAL dentures iv)  IMPLANTS (Titanium screw which acts as tooth root) v) Part of the jaw removed during accidental injury or cancer treatment
2)Endodontia  or  Conservavtive  Dentistry  : It’s specialists are known as  “endodontist” It  mainly  deals  with  “SAVING THE TOOT…

Welcome to "Ruparelia Dental Clinic" A best place for dental implant treatment in jamnagar, Gujarat.

Ruparelia Dental Clinic provides many services like encompass all areas of dental health including aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgeries, implants, smile makeovers, children'sdentistry.

All dental treatment like Dental implants , fix teeth , Root canal treatment , Teeth whitening , Straightening of teeth ( Orthodontic treatment, braces), wisdom tooth surgery , smile design , veneers , crowns and bridges , dental fillings , gum problems , gingivitis. We Believe in quality dental treatment and Ruparelia Dental Clinic has proved it to be a best dental center in jamnagar. We are the iso 9001:2008 certified dental center in saurashtra and kutchh region. 

All seven clinical branch specialist (MDS) under one roof.

Dental Clinic In Jamnagar

Dentist in Jamnagar

Ruparelia Dental Clinic is one of the very few ISO 9001:2008 certified dental clinics in the center of Jamnagar next to "Aaram Hotel" which maintain International Standards.

Commitment of timingSpecial privilege for NRI Patients (Maintaining time Schedule).All dental chairs are highly equipped.Proper explanation about treatment plan & different options to the patients.Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.International standards of sterilization maintained.Individual patient care.All dental specialties under one roof.All the Consultant Doctors are Highly Experienced. Where you get services of all seven clinical branch specialist (MDS) under one roof.
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